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Counterdrug Program

2400 Wright St

Madison, WI 53704

(608) 242-3545

"Our Mission... to reduce the supply and demand for illegal drugs through partnerships with law enforcement, community organizations and school districts."


Since 1992 the Wisconsin National Guard Counterdrug Program has worked with numerous law enforcement agencies, schools, and community organizations to reduce the supply and demand for illegal drugs. In that time our intel analysts and air crews have assisted law enforcement in apprehending thousands of criminals and seizing hundreds of millions in drug related crimes.  Our personnel have also worked with countless law enforcement agencies to provide them the resources and training needed to keep them and their community safe.  Finally, our facilitators have worked with and challenged over 150,000 students throughout the state educating them about drugs and drug abuse.  Our support has not only benefited Wisconsin communities but it has also provided our personnel with valuable skills and experience that can be used with their military units.


As members of the National Guard we have a long history of serving our state and are honored to continue that support in the Counterdrug Program.  We've accomplished a lot since 1992 and will continue to work with our partners in their fight against drugs and drug abuse.  We are proud to serve and committed to making Wisconsin a safer place.